The core objective of the Re.Herb lies on effectively communicating the beneficial medicinal and cosmetic properties of specific plants, at a national and transboundary level, aiming firstly at informing the population under a more integrated and comprehensive way and secondly, at strengthening the demand (both domestic and foreign) for such plants or for products based on them. Besides, one of the basic objectives of the proposed project is the recording, documentation, promotion and distribution of the Greek and Italian medicinal plants and trees.

This objective will be achieved through the systematic recording and documentation of the parameters which determine the production and harvest methods, as well as the distribution of these products. Among the secondary objectives it's worth mentioning the development of a multidimensional electronic platform for the promotion and distribution of both the cultivated plants/herbs and the products based on them. This system will enable the cataloguing of the aromatic and medicinal plants and the recording of the attached metadata (historic and cultural references, production and harvest methods, pricing and promotional strategies) as well as the management of an electronic market which will enable farmers and SME's operating in the secondary sector to promote and electronically sell their products. Besides, the provision of initiatives for cultivation of herbs/trees can effectively help the mountainous and hilly areas, characterized by low productivity/low exploitation (like the areas of intervention) levels, to attract new farmers for new and innovative agricultural production and to enhance the primary sector of the national economy. Moreover, the Re.herb project aims at increasing networking activities between farmers, creating long-term cooperation opportunities between producers and companies and enhancing the research capabilities.